My 20th Birthday

This time I came home earlier than as planned before to celebrate my birthday with my family and old close friends. My dad has also come home from Baghdad. He is here on my birthday after 2 years. So. I wanted to be at home on my birthday.

I contacted my friend Karan & Mihir on reaching home. They are studying in Ranchi. We were together at Bishop Westcott Boys’ School, Namkom, Ranchi. Also, came to know that two of my other close friends from my old school, Nishant and Danish have also reached home recently. So, we planned a get together at my home to celebrate my birthday. Nishant is studying in Bhubaneshwar, while Danish is studying in Kolkata.

Our school

Danish, Karan & Nishant came to our home at around 11am. Mihir didn’t come. Unfortunately, he is running short on attendance. My another old close friend Gauav also joined us. Gaurav was our neighbor and also my schoolmate at St. Anthony’s. We have a family friendship with them. We were having nice time, gossiping and making fun. But, we were missing Mihir. We were calling him frequently to join us. At last, he agreed. Then, Nishant & Danish went to bring him home. And this completed my core group of friends.


Gaurav, Karan, Mihir, Nishant, and Danish

My mother cooked and arranged lovely foods on my birthday including our traditional payesh. Payesh is a must in a Bengali home on birthdays as it is related to long life! It was followed by a heavy lunch consisting of pulao, lal saag, dal, aloo dum, chicken butter masala, mutton curry, chutney with sweets at the end.


We six of us were talking and eating. We all ate too much and were talking more to accommodate more food and then we were literally unable to move. The food was so delicious and the companionship with old friends made us over-eat too much. It took us over an hour to leave the dining table!


We then returned to my room and started again with our gossips and experiences at different places. Dad ordered for my birthday cake before. He brought the cake. I then cut the cake with my friends singing the regular birthday song. Then my friends started smearing the cake and cream on my face and head. We ate the cake pieces and also played with the cake.



It was getting evening, so my school friends left for their homes. I had a wonderful day with my friends. Their presence made it as one of my most memorable birthdays. Thank you, friends for coming over and celebrate my birthday.

In the evening, we had a special dinner program with some close family friends at Hotel Capitol Hill, Main Road, Ranchi. We normally arrange our parties there. The restaurant of that hotel is quite good and one of the best in Ranchi. The hotel also arranged a birthday cake for me. I cut the cake again.



Then we had our dinner. Gaurav was also there. We started with soup and followed by north Indian dishes then Gulab jamun/ice creams at the end plus cake. It was a grand day with lots of food. Now, I don’t think that I need to eat for a couple of days!


Thanks to my mom and dad for arranging everything for me and of course, the nice watch that they gifted me on today.

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