Mercato Mall, Dubai, UAE

Mercato Shopping Mall is located in the heart of Jumeirah, one of Dubai’s most prestigious residential areas. It’s on Jumeirah Beach Road. The mall epitomizes the Italian architecture and transports one back to the Renaissance period. The Renaissance era is highlighted in every aspect of Mercato’s colourful and detailed design.

20151208_174821The architecture is a surreal blend of various styles and Mercato captures traditional Italian, French and Spanish art. It portrays how a Mediterranean town looked during the European Renaissance. Mercato’s design reflects a remarkably rich cultural heritage and its picturesque facade and interior inspires all visitors who walk in, irrespective of age and origin.

Every medieval Italian town during the Renaissance was built around a Mercato, meaning ‘market’ in Italian. In fact, people used to exchange goods and information and it gradually became the nucleus of the community. Inevitably, shops became permanent features, all facing inwards to attract maximum custom and eventually, the Mercato developed a sense of community and became a place where people met for coffee and talked for hours. At sunset, the square transforms into a venue for social events, festivals and concerts.




One of Mercato’s most beautiful features is its grand main atrium which brings the mall to life. Made of clear glass, the stunning atrium brings a wealth of natural light and sunshine into Mercato which gives you the distinct feeling that you are in fact outdoors.




As evening falls, the mall’s streets and piazzas are lit up with authentic style street lights to create the perfect setting for leisurely shopping and relaxed dining.



Home to picturesque cobbled streets, charming piazzas and authentic Tuscan and Venetian features, Mercato offers a unique and incomparable ambience. I love this mall for the ambiance.

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